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Schürzen What?

When developing the stealth technology for the new Brevic scout ships in Hero of the Republic, I decided that, rather than creating a cloaking tech like in Star Trek, I wanted something radically different. After careful consideration over how starships … Continue reading

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The Lesser Magellanic Arm

Although the focus in Hero of the Republic is squarely on Caden Twist and his part in the Brevic-Hollaran War and the opening shots of the Parasite Conflict, I especially enjoyed writing Part III of the novel. I knew that I wanted … Continue reading

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History Repeats Itself

(Warning: This blog post is about scene inspiration in Hero of the Republic and contains spoilers!) “After our fighter attack, the Hollaran main force shifted its course toward us.  We made a run toward the Cres tunnel point but distance … Continue reading

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