Loyalty to the Cause

Fair Warning: Contents on this page may spoil some outcomes of previous books in the series.

Garrett Heskan and his Brevic officers have taken sixteen incarcerated pilots. The move was not only to save the aviators from their own government, it was the first step in a bold plan to keep Heskan’s promise to Isabella Lombardi and her captured Hollaran crew. Secretary Brewer and his Internal Security agents believe Jack Truesworth is the ringleader of the Brevic renegades, bent on revenge against Bree and Hollara alike. As agents try to locate the escapees, Heskan plays a dangerous game from inside Brewer’s circle, attempting to move Lombardi closer to freedom.

Status: Released!

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AV Elathra

Elathra diagramTonnage: 3,480 tonnes
Length: 107 meters (351 feet)
Beam: 22 meters (72 feet)
Draft: 29 meters (95 feet)
Crew Complement: 65 (8 Officers, 57 Enlisted)
Armament: 2 Bredalin Neutron Particle Cannons, 2 Lyle Dual General Purpose (GP) pulse lasers, 4 Blackings Laser Carronades
Drive: 4 Junkkers-Dalmer -213A1 drives powered by Kuritan 910 power plant
Sensors: Standard Blue-Suns sensor suite, Twin Argus VSP-14 “Fisheye” Array
Defenses: Duralloy armor, Endrix AIPS Screen

Elathra Org Chart

Order of Battle

Good Order of Battle