The Wrong Side of Space

Fair Warning: Contents on this page may spoil some outcomes of Book 2 (No Way to Start a War).  In particular, the fleet org chart may be considered spoilers for certain characters in Book 2.

Bitter rivals for over a century, the Brevic Republic and the Hollaran Commonwealth are at war. Cultures that shared a common Terran ancestry have been separated for generations. Now Heskan’s escort ships must protect Lombardi’s heavy cruisers as they are forced to run together into unexplored space from a devastating, new threat. Each commander faces dissension in the ranks, even as they try to unite their fleets and find some way to escape the fate of so many of their fallen comrades. For the duration of the tenuous truce, there is a singular objective… make it home.

Status: Released!

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Fleet and Ship Command Structures

Garrett Heskan commands BRS Kite and the remainder of CortRon 15 (escort squadron), while Isabella Lombardi commands HCS Phoenix and the remnants of her squadron (Legio Sette Defisa).

Brevic Republic Escort Destroyer – 402 Kite

BRS Kite - Turret/shield layout

BRS Kite – Turret/shield layout

Tonnage: 254,000 tons

Length: 389 meters (1276 feet)

Beam: 129 meters (423 feet)

Draft: 47 meters (153 feet)

Crew Complement: 351 (27 Officers, 324 Enlisted)

Armament: 16 Stratford second-generation radiant stream lasers, 68 Lyle quad AMS pulse lasers

Drives: 4 Allison-Turner Type-22 drives, 4 Allison-Turner Type-50 drives, 4 Allison-Turner Type-88 drives powered by 2 Omnicron 1200 power plants

Sensors: Standard Naka-Fujita sensor suite, APG-131X Hawkeye optical platform

Defenses: Duralloy armor, Warden ECM suite, Gibson defensive shields powered by 16 Gibson Series 320 shield generators

BRS Kite’s Original Crew

Kite's Personnel - Org Chart

Kite’s Personnel – Org Chart