Confidence Game

Confidence Game

As a smuggler and con man, Reece Lochlain has always taken care of himself first. When the captain of his latest ship gets busted and everyone but Lochlain takes the fall, he does what he’s always done, looks after himself and moves on to the next scheme. But how can he move on when an entire criminal ring blames him for the bust and is hungry for payback? Running from a corporate-controlled system is rarely wise but running with one of Appiation Unlimited’s infiltration experts by his side could very well be suicide.

Out of money, out of contacts and out of time, Lochlain is desperate to escape and start fresh somewhere new. CSV Zanshin, though old, looks to be a sturdy ship, and Lochlain can get her for a steal. With an entire star system after him, he jumps at the chance to stay one step ahead and sails the aging cargo vessel from her graveyard orbit. He’s confident he can get away if he can find the right crew.

But Zanshin seems to have her own ideas. She’s far from her original home and has a haunting story to tell, one that could risk the lives of everyone aboard her. How can Lochlain protect his crew when his first instinct is to save himself?

Status: Coming in August 2017

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Art and image by Mike Doscher