Space Traffic Control

In Confidence Game, a little more attention is paid to the process of starships navigating space.  One area given consideration is how ships would maneuver, especially in the high traffic areas such as orbitals and near tunnel points.  As a former pilot, I patterned space traffic control on modern day air traffic controllers.

When I went to college, I also attended the University of Illinois’ Institute of Aviation (mentioned in a previous blog).  I spent a lot of time flying around Willard Airport at Champaign-Urbana.  In Confidence Game, I used several navigation markers around Willard to designate important locations that Captain Lochlain’s ship, CSV Zanshin, navigates around.  The markers VEALS and LODGE in the Ancera star system are a little homage to my time around Willard.

I also styled the rapid-fire, no nonsense communications between ship and controller to what typically occurs between a pilot and ATC.  Of course, there are always exceptions…

The above is a clip from a controller known as Kennedy Steve.  He’s hilarious.

What’s no laughing matter is Confidence Game is set to release August 17 and available for pre-order on Amazon right now!

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