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Space Traffic Control

In Confidence Game, a little more attention is paid to the process of starships navigating space.  One area given consideration is how ships would maneuver, especially in the high traffic areas such as orbitals and near tunnel points.  As a … Continue reading

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Kindle Countdown Deal – Scorched

The chirp of a security aircar and cries from a bloodthirsty mob ignite a single instinct inside her: Run. A couple months ago, I snuck Scorched into KDP Select to experiment a bit.  Available only on Kindle, Scorched is a Kindle … Continue reading

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Six, Zero, One, One Tango, you are cleared for takeoff!

In Confidence Game, CSV Zanshin’s shuttle is a replacement shuttle with the tail number of N6011T. Although the shuttle plays a minor role in the story, its identification is significant to me. Over 25 years ago, when I attended the … Continue reading

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