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Images and descriptions of the ships that appear in the TCOTU series.

Schürzen What?

When developing the stealth technology for the new Brevic scout ships in Hero of the Republic, I decided that, rather than creating a cloaking tech like in Star Trek, I wanted something radically different. After careful consideration over how starships … Continue reading

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Lasers and Masers and Grasers, Oh My!

As I close in on the second to last combat scene in the series, I’ve been on the hunt for ways to keep things fresh. Given the unique nature of the combatants in this scene, I was able to justify … Continue reading

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What’s Old Is New Again

One of the things I take pride in is my attention to detail in ship combat. I don’t go through the motions when it comes to combat and everything I describe “happened” when I was plotting out and tracking weapons … Continue reading

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