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Images and descriptions of the ships that appear in the TCOTU series.

Six, Zero, One, One Tango, you are cleared for takeoff!

In Confidence Game, CSV Zanshin’s shuttle is a replacement shuttle with the tail number of N6011T. Although the shuttle plays a minor role in the story, its identification is significant to me. Over 25 years ago, when I attended the … Continue reading

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Update on the Next Book

When last you left me (or I left you), I was setting Across the Blue Line aside to let it ferment some and starting a different project. It’s a big departure from the Parasite invasion, humanity-hangs-in-the-balance nature of Across the Blue … Continue reading

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Schürzen What?

When developing the stealth technology for the new Brevic scout ships in Hero of the Republic, I decided that, rather than creating a cloaking tech like in Star Trek, I wanted something radically different. After careful consideration over how starships … Continue reading

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