Building Dosi Station

When writing any novel dealing with specific locations, it always helps me to create a map or layout on paper (digital or old-school).  The extra effort makes for strong scenes and a consistent and real environment. In Confidence Game, the layout of Zanshin was constructed over a period of months but helped give real authenticity to the starship.

With Chasing Blue Dots, I not only used the computer program, Universe Sandbox, to create the Dosi star system (that image is an insert in the book and also on the book’s landing page here) but I also crudely outlined the very important space station orbiting Sahana using My quick sketch was far too primitive to put into the book (it was solely designed to help me keep the decks straight and so forth), but I’ll post it here so you can see how closely your mental image of Dosi Station matched my own.

(click for larger view)

Like I said, the orbital is a crude drawing not meant for the book (you can see where I deleted an entire deck). Jake started on Deck 3 and then relocated permanently to Deck 2. “Dos Cantina” was situated on Deck 4 and the space traffic control (STC) facilities were the subdeck below Deck 7 (the little knob with the antennae sticking down from it).

Chasing Blue Dots is available on Kindle, iBooks, Nook and many other ebook sites. If you might like off-beat romantic science fiction, please give it a try. It even has its first review on Amazon (Thank you, New Zealand!  Five stars!) and if you enjoy the novel, please consider giving it a review as well. Every independent author thrives on reviews and feedback from readers.

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