Kat has declared war on her former masters. Once the prized operative Pre-Cat in the Pelletier’s Society of the Sunthetic Union mega-corp, she’s been hunted since the night of her escape into the slums of Waytown. Still struggling to fully regain her memories and powers, she’s determined to reforge not only her future but the rules under which psi-positives like her must live.

But with only Sadler by her side and Teki as a new ally, Kat must figure out a way to gather forces willing to stand up to the Society’s seemingly limitless power. Tess insisted that Pre-Cat was the key to uniting the defectors, but Tess is dead and the Society has her communications device. Without it, Kat can’t contact other operatives and agents who might join her fight. Even if she musters a team, how does one topple a secret organization that is key to Sunthetic’s future?

Reforged, a suspense thriller set in a dystopian setting, is the final novel in the Scorched trilogy and follows the story of one woman’s struggle to overcome her past and create a new future.

Status: Almost ready!

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