Dystopian Stories Featured, Including Scorched

Dystopian novels feature reimagined worlds that, while sharing some similarities with our own, have been fundamentally changed. Maybe the world was impacted by a natural disaster, or the aftermath of war, or the existence of some phenomenon that changes the rules of society. It’s fun to build and write in a dystopian world, because there is a broader freedom to invent.

What would happen in our world, if only… ? How authors finish that sentence leads to a lot of creative storytelling.

Over on Smashwords this week, there are a number of authors featuring their dystopian stories at discounted pricing to find new readers. Scorched, the first book in my own take on the genre, is among them:

Find Scorched and other featured dystopian stories this week on Smashwords

You can read Chapter 1 of Scorched right here on this site, and if it grabs your attention, head over to Smashwords to find it as well as explore other dystopian adventures being featured for a limited time.

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Smashwords “Authors Give Back” Sale – Find Cheap and Free Ebooks

Smashwords has created a special “Authors Give Back” event, that allows writers who sell through their site to offer their ebooks free or deeply discounted.  You can find the sale here and it runs through April 20th.  This Corner of the Universe is 100% discounted at this time, and I may add other books as the month goes on.

Stay safe out there, friends, and escape with some free reading.


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For the Military History Buffs…

I’ve blogged before about how a number of scenes scattered in This Corner of the Universe are inspired by real events in military history. (For a summary of those posts, check out Best of the Blog – Military History).

Well, military history is a real passion of mine. I’ve watched a lot of documentaries, read a number of memoirs and historical accounts of wars, battles, and even equipment from the perspectives of the various factions and combatants involved. Today I want to give a shout-out to a Youtube channel I found recently that I think puts out truly quality work.

The channel is Montemayor, and I’m a big fan. His videos on some WWII naval battles are extremely well done. I thought I knew all about the Battle of Midway, the Battle of Savo Island, and others from books and other accounts I’ve read or watched over the years. Each of these videos from Montemayor gave me a fresh perspective.  As an example, below I’ve linked his Part 1 of 2 on the Battle of Midway, told from the Japanese perspective:

If you are a student of military history, I encourage you to check out the channel.

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