Dystopian Stories Featured, Including Scorched

Dystopian novels feature reimagined worlds that, while sharing some similarities with our own, have been fundamentally changed. Maybe the world was impacted by a natural disaster, or the aftermath of war, or the existence of some phenomenon that changes the rules of society. It’s fun to build and write in a dystopian world, because there is a broader freedom to invent.

What would happen in our world, if only… ? How authors finish that sentence leads to a lot of creative storytelling.

Over on Smashwords this week, there are a number of authors featuring their dystopian stories at discounted pricing to find new readers. Scorched, the first book in my own take on the genre, is among them:

Find Scorched and other featured dystopian stories this week on Smashwords

You can read Chapter 1 of Scorched right here on this site, and if it grabs your attention, head over to Smashwords to find it as well as explore other dystopian adventures being featured for a limited time.

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