This Corner of the Universe

When Anelace is sent to investigate the accidents plaguing mining operations in a remote star system, Captain Garrett Heskan and his officers soon suspect more than random mishaps are in play. As clues to the mystery unfold, the stakes quickly turn deadly in a cat-and-mouse game to expose the true threat while protecting the civilian miners in the system.

Heskan’s first command could be his last, as Anelace is outnumbered and outgunned in her fight for survival.

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Command Structure – Anelace

There are seven officers and forty-three enlisted crewmen aboard BRS Anelace.  Lieutenant Garrett Heskan commands the ship as captain, supported by his first officer, Lieutenant Mike Riedel.  The remaining officers and the ship’s chief petty officer oversee the five sections around which the crew is organized: Operations (Chief Brown), Navigation (Ensign Diane Selvaggio), Engineering (Lieutenant Brandon Jackamore, supported by Ensign Antipova), Sensors (Ensign Jack Truesworth), and Weapons (Lieutenant Stacy Vernay).

Org Chart horizontal

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Brevic Republic Fast Ship – 776 Anelace

Heskan’s command in This Corner of the Universe is a Dagger class corvette:

Tonnage: 3,540 tonnes

Length: 106 meters (350 feet)

Beam: 18.6 meters (61 feet)

Draft: 17 meters (56 feet)

Crew Complement: 50 (7 Officers, 43 Enlisted)

Armament: 1 Kruger Mk 237 mass driver, 4 Lyle Dual General Purpose (GP) pulse lasers

Drive: 6 Allison-Turner Type-22 drives powered by Kanata Split power plant

Sensors: Standard Naka-Fujita sensor suite, APG-85B BigEye Array

Defenses: Duralloy armor, Turner AIPS Screen

Star Systems and Maps

This Corner of the Universe takes place on Bree’s “northern” border, near Anthe:

Anthe map

The Skathi system is of particular importance:

Skathi 1

Skathi 2