Homages and Promises

When writing This Corner of the Universe, I had lots of fun inserting some homages to significant historical items (and some not so significant).  The first (and certainly most controversial, if you believe Amazon reviews) was the caliber of Anelace’s Kruger mass driver: .762.  Most people interested in military sci-fi probably immediately recognized this as an homage to the AK-47 (caliber 7.62).  If only I had gone with .223 or even .556!  Related to the caliber, the actual manufacturer of the mass driver, Kruger, was taken from the BB gun maker.

Of course, most WWII buffs probably felt a pang of familiarity when they read about the Allison-Turner T-22 drives.  Allison refers to the makers of the original P-51 V-1710 engine.  In No Way to Start a War, larger engines are discussed and I go back to WWII to give a nod to probably the most famous AAA/AT weapon in the entire war.

Another reference made that has either slipped below the radar or readers were happy to suspend their disbelief was the Hoss-Boland effect.  In TCOTU, that effect basically explains why ships have a “top speed.”  The scientists of that effect are nods to Marion Hossa and David Bolland of Chicago’s hockey team although Bolland got traded this summer (salary cap victim).  I should give a shout out to Boston, who played an incredible Finals (and entire playoffs, actually).

To make the title of this blog entry make sense, I should promise something.  Well, I’m not doing that but I will say the edits for NWTSAW are going well.  I updated the book after getting edits from my primary editor and now the book has been handed to the remaining team who will look at the book at the same time.  We are firmly on track for October.  Book Three (The Wrong Side of Space) is going slower with the interruptions from Book Two.  Hopefully this month I can get some solid time in writing more of it.

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