Pledge to Nook Readers

Generally my intent on this blog is to post about my writing status, interesting side stories about the origins of things in the books, and an occasional thank you to people and organizations that have been especially nice in helping me promote the results of my new hobby (i.e., the books).  Today I want to give a heads up to the readers who have supported me on the Nook platform.

I think the Nook is great and competition in the e-book delivery business is good.  That said, less than 1% of my book’s downloads have been from Barnes and Noble.  I appreciate those readers as much as the Amazon ones, and I want to pledge to those readers today that every new book I put out will go up on the Barnes and Noble website so you can continue to enjoy the series.

For This Corner of the Universe, we are going to take it down later tonight from B&N so we can run an experiment with Amazon’s KDP Select program. The Select program requires sales exclusivity for any book enrolled, in exchange for some potential benefits to help reach more readers. The minimum term to sign up for is 90 days, after which if the experiment doesn’t show much benefit we’ll reinstate the first book on B&N.

Again, I want to be as loyal to my readers on the Nook platform as they have been supportive, trying out a no-name indie author and giving my books a chance.  Every new book I write will be released for Nook, and left up on B&N for plenty of time for my followers with Nooks to find the next book in the series.  (We may never put future books in KDP Select, it all depends on the results of the experiment.)

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