Last Measure of Devotion

TCOTU5-bookcover-02_5x8-front-smallThrust into the fleet commander role and still learning the peculiar scriptures of corporate warfare, Heskan must work with AmyraCorp’s CEO to stay one step ahead of Sade and the treachery of Admiral Wallace. The moves in this winner-take-all game of corporate takeover will see Heskan at The Courts of Nessus and on battlefields in both Sade and Seshafi. Can Heskan find a way to secure the future he promised his Brevic followers when they fled to this corner of the universe, or will Heskan’s past be used against him to orchestrate Wallace’s victory?

Status: Released!

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Star Systems and Maps

Last Measure of Devotion is centered on the corporate systems in the Lesser Magellanic Arm:

Corp Sys Map r200

Orders of Battle

Spoiler Alert: These charts reveal some strategies of the line battles in the book!

Battle of Sade – Orders of Battle

Sade System Order of Battle


Battle of Seshafi – Orders of Battle

Seshafi System Order of Battle