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Welcome to This Corner of the Universe.

I started this site in 2013 to give my readers the stories behind the characters, scenes and inspirations for my original science fiction series by the same name.  Three years and seven books later, there’s a lot here to explore.

There are six books set in my space opera galaxy, five in the original TCOTU series and one so far in the companion series, The Parasite Initiative.  Watch for the second book in the series in late 2017 (but updates and stories well before then).

There’s also a standalone thriller called Scorched, imagined in a different, dystopian world.  It may turn into a series, as I certainly enjoyed writing the story of a young woman’s discovery of the powers her keepers wanted to destroy.

Latest in the TCOTU Galaxy – Hero of the Republic

Cover art and image by Art 4 Artists

Cover art and image by Yvonne Less at Art 4 Artists

Enjoy military science fiction or space operas where every book is different and you don’t know what might happen next?

Start with the original This Corner of the Universe series…

Five Books Tell Captain Heskan’s Story

Cover art by Nathan Fisher at Ideas Ablaze


Political turmoil, fallible leaders and emerging technologies…

There are heroic acts throughout This Corner of the Universe, but as one reviewer lauded, the stories are about “characters that are human, flawed, and struggle as we all do.

Along the way expect single ship campaigns, fleet combat, marine operations and missions that are “a lot of fun, detailed, and a joy to read.

Each book is a different adventure in “realistic space opera, no plucky starfighter winning against the odds, but sheer courage and the meaning of ‘No surrender’ that comes to life.


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