Welcome to This Corner of the Universe

I love telling a good story.  From military science fiction to dystopian adventures, from scifi romance to epic space operas, I write and publish as new stories come to me, exploring new characters and old in either the original ever-expanding “TCOTU” universe or other settings.  Thanks for stopping by, and look for my books on Kindle, Apple Books, Nook, Scribd, and other outlets.  — Britt

Good places to start…

A standalone tale about smugglers who steal a ship with a terrible past that could endanger everyone aboard. Fans of Firefly will enjoy this origin story of the crew of Zanshin.

Are you a fan of epic space operas with interwoven stories of starship battles, shadow operations, and alien contact?  Hero of the Republic, the first book in the Parasite Initiative series, is for you.

My very first book and where the TCOTU galaxy was born! This novel is the first of a completed five-book series telling the epic journey of Captain Garrett Heskan through war, mutiny and finding a new home for his crew.

Think along the lines of Hunger Games or Divergent… My only series not set in the TCOTU galaxy, if you enjoy dystopian stories with a strong female lead, try Scorched, a 2017 Kindle Book Awards Finalist!

Chasing Blue Dots is a straight-up scifi romance about space traffic controllers in the Solarian Federation. Jake Marshall doesn’t know what to think about Keeva Burke, yet he can’t stop thinking about her.