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Six, Zero, One, One Tango, you are cleared for takeoff!

In Confidence Game, CSV Zanshin’s shuttle is a replacement shuttle with the tail number of N6011T. Although the shuttle plays a minor role in the story, its identification is significant to me. Over 25 years ago, when I attended the … Continue reading

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Confidence Game – Kindle Pre-order Link and an Update

August 17th. That’s now the official release date for the latest book in the This Corner of the Universe galaxy. The product page is now up on Amazon (note that the “Free Preview” link below won’t work until the release … Continue reading

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Confidence Game – More on the new story in TCOTU

I’m feeling pretty “confident” that the new book will be published in August. It’s time to give you more information on what it’s all about. As you know, we’re returning to the This Corner of the Universe galaxy, but in … Continue reading

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