Best of the Blog – Military History

As I continue to write the stories that come to mind, Karen (my wife) has been eyeing my website and wondering how to reorganize the content.  At the moment, it’s organized by series and book, but we might in 2018 look at organizing by genre or some other method.

In any case, thinking about the website had me taking a stroll back through the blog posts.  There are some that are truly my favorites, and I’d like to find a way to get them more front-and-center next year.  Until then, I’m creating lists of favorites for reference in a “Best of the Blog” series of posts.  This time around, the theme is Military History.

I consider myself a student of military history (some would say “junkie”), and occasionally a tie-in occurs in my writing.  Here are some favorite posts about events in military history that inspired scenes in my books:

“I Have Not Yet Begun to Fight” – Story of the Bonhomme Richard sinking (1779)

“The Universe Wonders” – Story of the Battle of Leyte Gulf (October 1944)

“About the F-3 Pup” – Homage to the 1916 Sopwith Pup of World War I

“You’re Keeping Anelace Alive” – Homage to Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore (ret), whom I heard speak while attending Officer Training School

“Privateers – What’s in a Name?” – Privateer armies in the American Civil War and others that inspired privateer group names in my books

Hardee Hat

“The Casus Bellum and the Art of Corporate War” – The idea for war as spectacle was taken from American Civil War history, including the First Battle of Bull Run

“History Repeats Itself” – A tie-in to World War II’s Battle of Midway

Yorktown at the moment of impact of a torpedo from a Nakajima B5N. Picture from Wikipedia.

“Schürzen What?” – A reference to the distinctive side skirts of German World War II tanks.

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