Another KDP Select Experiment

EDIT: For now, this experiment is on hold.  We’re instead planning a first ever sale of Book 1 at 99 cents (probably sometime in July), but we don’t need KDP Select to do that.


Last year I experimented with having This Corner of the Universe (Book 1) exclusively on Amazon to test out the “free for Prime members” feature of KDP Select. The conclusion at the time was that free Prime downloads slightly beat out Nook sales but not enough to keep me exclusive to Amazon. I also pledged and continue to pledge to readers that each new book I put out will be released on Nook so Nook readers following the series will never be stranded.

This summer I am going to try KDP Select again with TCOTU (again, Book 1 only), so I can try out Amazon’s new promotional tools under that system. There are “Countdown” deals as well as a limited number of free pricing days. I am not sure how I will use them yet, but with three books out now and a series starting to build, I think it will be fun to experiment with the options.

So, heads up if you read on Nook or know scifi fans who do… This Corner of the Universe will take a temporary hiatus from the B&N e-store starting this weekend.

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