An Update on Nook vs. KDP Select

About three months ago I took This Corner of the Universe down from Barnes&Noble to try the 90-day experiment with Amazon’s KDP Select program.  The program trades exclusivity on Amazon for a variety of benefits.  The one I was most interested in was the ability for Amazon Prime members to download the book for free while still paying the author about what I’d get otherwise.  The thought was I might reach more readers with the free offer, and Nook downloads were pretty low.

For those interested, Prime free downloads of TCOTU in the last 90 days did slightly beat out Nook sales while the book was up on B&N, but not enough to make me keep TCOTU in the KDP Select program.  So, This Corner of the Universe will return to Barnes&Noble on October 31st, once my KDP Select term expires.

I have a soft spot in my heart for the Nook anyway.  Several of my family and friends have one, but also, I just received one of the nicest reviews so far for No Way to Start a War over on B&N:

“No Way to Start a War is an interesting space opera that rejects many of of space opera’s standard assumptions. The good guys and bad guys are real men with real flaws, the real villains on both sides act like corporate managers, more focused on advancing their careers than patriots trying to win the war. It is well written and well e-booked, lots of action, reasonably correct physics. You’ll enjoy the book more if you read the first book in the series, This Corner of the Universe.”

With a review like that, I want to be sure TCOTU is once again available on Nook!

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