NEW RELEASE – No Way to Start a War

NWTSAW cover smallThe Amazon page for No Way to Start a War is up.  The Publish button for Nook was pushed at the same time, as promised, but Barnes and Noble may take 24 hours to get the book up.  Thanks, everyone, for waiting patiently.

I think I am more nervous about this book than the last.  Part of it is simply the old saying that “ignorance is bliss.”  I didn’t know what I was getting into when I published This Corner of the Universe.  I’d just written a story I wanted to share.  This time around that’s still true, and my plans for Heskan are only growing, but now I feel the pressure of not wanting to disappoint the people who liked the first book.  I don’t think anyone has reported a typo in TCOTU yet, and given that I’m asking people for a few dollars, I want to hit that bar every time.  Two hours before hitting the Publish button, we found that Lt. Garcia was “Lt. Gracia” one time in 87,000 words.  I shudder that there’s still a mistake in the manuscript somewhere.

Whether or not someone likes the story is subjective, and I know you can’t please everyone.  This is the other part I’m nervous about, because I never intend to write the same book twice.  The single-ship isolation of Anelace in one star system is replaced in NWTSAW with fleets of ships, multiple star systems, and your first real experiences with the Hollarans.  You’ll also get a sense of where Book 3 is going at the end of Book 2, and how different it will be as well.

I appreciate everyone’s support, comments, and reviews, and I hope you keep them coming!

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