If You’re Early, You’re On Time…

We accomplished a massive “final” editing push over the last week, so much so that there’s time to run through No Way To Start a War just once more.  It’s amazing the tiny mistakes I still run across.  Most recently, I discovered that I cheated PO2 Pruette out of a spaceman in his LAZ weapons section.  As a former AF officer, being shorted an airman would’ve had me really ticked.  Sorry, Tyler!

The good news is, I think I’m long past the process where I find “game-breaking” errors (like when editing This Corner of the Universe, I found Selvaggio broke her leg and then, in the next scene, was running back to her station… really glad I caught that!).  I’m trying my best to offer a professional-grade story and editing is a large part of that.

So, when can you expect Book 2 out?  Well, the goal has always been October.  I will meet that goal.  I originally thought it would be late October although I wanted to avoid an Oct 31 release because that’s lame.  I think I could be ready to press the Publish button on Amazon and Barnes and Noble around the 21st.  The exact day is up to my wife (who helps me tons with advertising, etc.) but we’re about 9 days away.

I hope you like the story.  I’ve posted quite a bit how the feel of the second book is different, so that has me on edge.  A couple beta-readers have told me this is my “Empire Strikes Back” (but -spoiler alert- Durmont is NOT Heskan’s father).  Considering that “Empire” is often regarded as the best movie in the Star Wars series, I hope that’s a good omen.  There are definitely two more books coming in the This Corner of the Universe series, probably three (I always envisioned this story taking me 5 books to tell).  I think you’ll be able to see where Book 3 is headed at the end of Book 2, although a major theme I have seeded in the first and second books comes into fruition in Book 3 that may not be apparent during Book 2’s conclusion.  The hints are there but certainly not the entire picture.

That’s all; it’s time to get back to work.  Thank you again for investing some of your free time in the TCOTU story.  I’m amazed at how helpful you guys have been with nice comments on Amazon and B&N, not to mention personal comments sent to this website.  It’s incredibly rewarding to hear from everyone.  I’m not sure if I will update this blog again until right near the publish date… probably the next entry will announce the release of the book.  Cheers!

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