Confidence Game – Kindle Pre-order Link and an Update

August 17th. That’s now the official release date for the latest book in the This Corner of the Universe galaxy. The product page is now up on Amazon (note that the “Free Preview” link below won’t work until the release date):

This means those of you on Kindles can pre-order and be the first to download Confidence Game on that date. The pre-order through Smashwords (feeding iBooks especially) will be up in a couple weeks, well before August 17th. Since that is a separate formatting adventure, we’ll finish that off when we’re no longer tweaking the drafts.

Reading Confidence Game is a great way for new fans to try a standalone book in my science fiction setting.  If you like it, there are a completed series and a spin-off series in progress to carry you forward.  For those waiting for the sequel to Hero of the Republic, I promise I will be picking up that project again as soon as Confidence Game is released.

Please help me get the word out that the TCOTU adventures continue!

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