Hero of the Republic Release Date

Hero of the Republic will be released on Amazon this Friday, and all other platforms shortly thereafter! We’ve finished the editing passes through the book and with just one more final check to make, I’ll start publishing the book on 9/9/16.

It’s been a long journey with this book but I think it’s a great start to a new “era” in the TCOTU setting. Hopefully, you’ll agree.

We’ll hit Publish as the book is formatted and posted on the various sites.  We already have a Kindle final draft under one last review.  The Nook release will be the same day, as the formatting is a simple change.  Smashwords will come after that, likely over the weekend (it takes a little longer), and that will bring the book onto iBooks, Kobo, Overdrive, Scribd and everywhere else my ebooks are today.  The print book will follow shortly after that to finish out the releases.

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