Hero of the Republic

I am excited to announce my next book due to be released in the Fall of 2016.

The first book in The Parasite Initiative series will be titled Hero of the Republic.  (Both of these phrases appeared in Book 5 of the original series, Last Measure of Devotion.)

Hero of the Republic will be the most ambitious book I’ve written yet, spanning nearly a decade starting with near the beginning of the Brevic-Hollaran War. The book will feature a new cast, separate from the TCOTU crew of Anelace, and will begin roughly at the same time as the events in No Way To Start A War.

For those of you concerned that this book might disrupt the TCOTU timeline, I promise you that everything in that series is canon and instead of clashing with the knowledge readers of the first series might have, Hero of the Republic will augment the events that transpired in the TCOTU series.

Additionally, Hero of the Republic will continue well past the Brevic-Hollaran War, answering some of the unanswered questions from that series, including, of course, what happened with the alien species called the Parasites.

The cast in the new Book 1 will be relatively large. You’ll read about Brevics, Hollarans, even corporate system nationals. It should be a breath of fresh air that remains very faithful to the TCOTU universe.

If you have not read the TCOTU series, don’t worry; you won’t have to. That series might enhance the fun but it won’t be required to understand and enjoy this new series.

The Parasite Initiative is slated to be four books long, plus or minus one book. These novels, however, will be longer. The first book is shaping up to be much longer than the books of the original series. After I finish the rough draft, I’ll try to pare it down some to keep the action and pace steady, but I also want to make sure each new character has plenty of chance to develop.

I’ll post more blogs as I write and maybe give some hints and inside looks to the new series but for now, I’m mostly typing away, trying to get this monster book “on paper.”

As always, if you have any suggestions or things you’re hoping to see, I would love to receive your input.

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