Last Measure of Devotion – Published!

I’m very happy to announce that Last Measure of Devotion, Book 5 and the series finale, has been uploaded on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Sometime overnight (Chicago time, that is) we should see it available for purchase!  Createspace is a little slower but the print version is also on its way.

It’s been a fun and wild ride to write the series, and I hope you enjoy the conclusion. Over the coming weeks, I’ll blog more about what novel will be next, although I also mention this at the end of LMOD, after the Epilogue. As usual, there will also be a story or two about scene inspirations for Book 5, and other thoughts.

Once again, I apologize to my readers who have been waiting since last week to read how Heskan’s journey concludes. Thank you for your patience and your loyalty. I hope you enjoy the book!


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