I’ve been fearing that this would happen and it has. Book 5, Last Measure of Devotion, is waiting on a book cover. When finishing out the series, I decided to invest money into providing the entire series with professionally created book covers. I’ve always hated my homemade covers and thought it was time to do the series justice.

I’ve been working with a book cover artist for many months, but he has just run into technical troubles at the eleventh hour. Consequently, the cover for Book 5 has been slightly delayed. He has sent me preliminary covers for all the books (and Book 1’s cover is completely finished) and they look gorgeous. I think pushing back Last Measure of Devotion’s release a day or two to wait for these wonderful covers is much better than publishing today with a homemade cover and then republishing 24 hours later with a different one.

I apologize to those of you waiting for the series finale. One thing Garrett Heskan and I share is an abhorrence for being late. I’ve always been either on time or early with the releases of the other books and I’m disappointed to have missed the mark this time. Hopefully, the story and the cover will make it up to you.

We’ll update via Twitter, Facebook and this blog as we get information but I’ve been assured the cover artist is hard at work finishing the product.

One upside is that we’re going through the book again searching for any editing errors and we’ve discovered a couple minor ones. So, although the delay is regrettable, you’ll be getting a better product at the end.

Below is the cover for Book 1, This Corner of the Universe. I hope you agree that the modest delay is worth the wait. The artist is enormously talented.


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