Thank you,!

Loyalty to the Cause is really coming together! One of the last hurdles was obtaining permission to use some wonderfully designed starship silhouettes from All-Silhouettes.

When writing one of the novel’s major action sequences, I used the silhouettes to keep track of the rather complicated battle. Nothing is worse than having a ship be destroyed early in a battle, then lose track of that fact and have that (destroyed) ship magically reappear later in the fight. As I finished the battle, it occurred to me that my visual aid would actually be a very nice resource for the readers.

Fortunately, that is now possible thanks to the generosity of all-silhouettes. The website’s owner is tremendously supportive of independent authors such as myself and thanks to him, you and I both can enjoy the benefits of his hard work.  Here’s a sneak peek:

Sihoulettes blog

The website also does a lot of other work besides starship silhouettes. It’s certainly worth clicking the link and checking it out! There’s a good chance you’ll see the silhouettes that I’m using for Loyalty to the Cause.

Once again, a major shout-out and thanks to all-silhouettes for their generosity!


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