Description for Loyalty to the Cause

Loyalty to the Cause is inching closer to release.  I have comments from beta readers back, and I’m in the process of incorporating their hard work into a near final draft.  After that, we’ll put the book into Kindle format for one more read through.  In the meantime, here is the description for Heskan’s next installment.  Fair Warning: At this point it’s hard to write a description that doesn’t spoil earlier events in the series, so if you aren’t caught up yet through Book 3, The Wrong Side of Space, you might not want to peek below.

Garrett Heskan and his Brevic officers have taken sixteen incarcerated pilots. The move was not only to save the aviators from their own government, it was the first step in a bold plan to keep Heskan’s promise to Isabella Lombardi and her captured Hollaran crew. Secretary Brewer and his Internal Security agents believe Jack Truesworth is the ringleader of the Brevic renegades, bent on revenge against Bree and Hollara alike. As agents try to locate the escapees, Heskan plays a dangerous game from inside Brewer’s circle, attempting to move Lombardi closer to freedom.

Securing Lombardi’s future is only half the responsibility that Commander Heskan has shouldered. Should Vernay, Selvaggio, Truesworth and the rest of his crew survive their run, they will need a safe haven outside the Republic. The Hollaran Commonwealth, Solarian Federation, and a myriad of corporate systems are among the options, but what is the best future for a wanted crew of Brevic military veterans who can never return home? Heskan owes his loyal followers that answer.

Loyalty to the Cause is Book 4 in the This Corner of the Universe series, continuing the story of Garrett Heskan and the original crew of Anelace.

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