Cover for The Wrong Side of Space

While the beta readers are making their way through the draft of Book 3, I’ve been working on the other pieces needed for the final product. Today I’m happy to reveal the ebook cover for The Wrong Side of Space:

Cover TWSOS (Ebook)

The print book cover won’t be done until after the final draft is formatted for Createspace, because that will give us a spine dimension from which to produce the full artwork for the front and back cover and spine. As such, the plan is to release the ebook first, and the print book will follow just a couple weeks after that so as not to hold up the ebook version.

Since the series has become more fleshed out, it was also time to rearrange the website homepage. You might notice the “Series” page now characterizes the series as a whole, and I’ll be updating the individual Book Notes pages soon to include the individual book summaries.

Finally, the beta readers should be done by mid-April, so if I had to guess today I’d say a late May release date is very doable. And you know how I like to be early…

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