Description for The Wrong Side of Space

It’s the calm before the final storm leading up to the release of Book 3, The Wrong Side of Space. I should have comments back from the rest of the beta readers in about a week, and then final editing and formatting begins. In the meantime, I’ve been generally outlining Book 4, and also working on the description for Book 3. Here’s what The Wrong Side of Space is about:

Lt. Commander Heskan and Komandor Lombardi have only one thing in common – the will to survive.

Bitter rivals for over a century, the Brevic Republic and the Hollaran Commonwealth are at war. Cultures that shared a common Terran ancestry have been separated for generations. Now Heskan’s escort ships must protect Lombardi’s heavy cruisers as they are forced to run together into unexplored space from a devastating, new threat. Each commander faces dissension in the ranks, even as they try to unite their fleets and find some way to escape the fate of so many of their fallen comrades. For the duration of the tenuous truce, there is a singular objective… make it home.

Yet there can be only one destination at the end of their journey, and only half of the fleet will be safe, if they can reach the Republic or Commonwealth at all. If the warring governments cannot be trusted to secure safe passage of the allied crews, how can the two commanders trust each other?

It was a lot of fun to write the interactions and differences between the Brevic and Hollaran personnel, and explore their backstories. Speaking of, here’s one little spoiler… the prologue for The Wrong Side of Space will finally reveal what Garrett Heskan did on BRS Derringer. That story has been a long time coming.

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