Five Book Series (maybe +1)

I’ve known now for quite some time that This Corner of the Universe will be a five-book series, and I may have casually suggested it in an earlier post but never truly announced it.  So, I’m announcing it.  I don’t want to become an author that gets stuck, milking a series and eventually having the entire saga take a nosedive.  I love these characters enough that they deserve to have an ending (good or bad).

I figure I can always write a spin-off series as the crew of Anelace has certainly met enough interesting people that could warrant their own stories (some of them have even survived!).  I have nothing really concrete on who or what I would like to spin off because I’m very focused on writing the best TCOTU series I can, but it’s always been in the back of my mind: “What will I do after the series is over?”

One thing I think I do want to try is a single book fantasy story but that is way out on the horizon.

So, what’s the “+1” in the title of this post?  When I wrote No Way to Start a War, I was very conscious of Lombardi, even when she was just in the background.  Mostly this was because I knew she would develop into a main character near the end of Book Two, but also because as I wrote No Way to Start a War, I realized just how much she was going through.  That got me thinking that it might be interesting to write a novella that follows Book Two but from her perspective.  It would be short and priced appropriately but it could make for some interesting reading.  Of course it will have to wait at least until I’ve written and released Book Three, The Wrong Side of Space, because it could give away some major/minor plot lines otherwise.

Let me finish by, once again, thanking all of you who have read the books for your support.  The reviews are truly humbling to read and I’m grateful and inspired to receive them.  Honestly, a lot of the reviews make me re-double my efforts because I realize that the hard work isn’t going to waste.

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