Quick Update on The Wrong Side of Space

I’ve been back to writing after the Thanksgiving holiday, and progress on Book Three is going slowly but well.  I’ve cleared some major obstacles and I am hopeful that the first draft of the book will be complete by February 14.  This book has been challenging because the story really advances and there is a tipping point reached by the end of the novel.  Making the arrival to that point natural, believable and logical has been my focus throughout the series.

<Warning: Don’t read further if you don’t want vague spoilers about the first two books.>

If I pull it off, Book Three should be fantastic.  It has all of the characters from old Anelace plus the added tension of being forced to work with the Hollarans.  The politics of the Republic (and Commonwealth) are coming into play more and, of course, there is an alien threat to manage.  I say *should* because, although I am happy with the writing, I think I can punch it up a notch in editing.  I’m also looking for opportunities to insert a little humor, which I believe every book, regardless of genre, needs.

So there we are.  Publication is slated for Summer of 2014 although it would be nice to hit early Summer (and I believe that is possible).

Everyone have great Holidays!  See you in the new year, when perhaps I’ll reveal a little more detail (but not too much) about The Wrong Side of Space.

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