Thanks for the Great Support!

This weekend marks the one-month anniversary for the release of No Way to Start a War.  I’ve been extremely happy with the reception the book has received.  I’m very grateful to each of you who have given up valuable free time to read the second story, and even more so to those who took the extra time to give it a favorable review.  I’m very happy with the reviews so far.  I think I’m the luckiest author in the world to have readers that are willing to overlook my shortcomings and concentrate on the good.  Don’t think I don’t appreciate that!

Book Three (The Wrong Side of Space) is still being written, and it’s going slow.  This book has two major story lines and the surviving characters need to be at a certain point in the story for Book Four.  Getting each character to that point is proving challenging but certainly achievable.  I’m trying to keep the book (and series) streamlined; I don’t like reading filler and I expect most of you don’t either.  So, it’s a tough balance between ensuring the characters’ reactions are believable/understandable without overkill on why a certain character may feel a certain way.

My goal is to have the rough draft for TWSOS completely finished by the new year.  That will give me plenty of time to go back and rewrite spots that obviously need it.  Then begins the long, but necessary, process of editing.  I’d like the book to be released next Spring but I don’t know early or late Spring yet.  My gut tells me I may need to work into January to get the first draft complete.  It’s just going slow and I care about the characters and story enough that I don’t want to rush; I want to get it “right.”

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