Scorched (A Dystopian Thriller)

A young woman wakes up among the trash in a fetid alley. The side of her head is burned and red. In the darkness, the chirp of an overhead security aircar and cries of a bloodthirsty mob ignite a single instinct inside her: Run.

The Match Is Struck… Someone dumped her here. To survive the slums of Waytown, she’ll need a strong body, a stronger will and people she can trust.

The Fuse Is Lit… They meant to kill her, and they’ll be looking to finish the job.

The Fire Is Burning… She may not know who she is, but she’ll fight for what she believes and for who she wants to be.

With no money, no memories and injuries she can’t explain, her time is running out. Are they coming for her or are they already here?

Scorched, a thriller set in a dystopian future, follows the mystery of one woman’s struggle to regain her identity against the forces that are desperate to stop her.

Status: Released.  Find it on exclusively on Kindle at this time.

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