There’s More to Kat’s Story

In 2016 I wrote my only book not set in the This Corner of the Universe galaxy. Scorched was (and is) a dystopian story, definitely still science fiction but not my usual setting. I was inspired to write about a woman waking up with no memories, injured and where she had to immediately learn to survive. Kat turned into a great character, a strong-willed protagonist who may have started out vulnerable, but is certainly no victim.

Kat’s story has blossomed into a trilogy. With that shift, a new cover for Book 1 was in order, one that would match two more covers for the complete series. It was an easy decision to go back to the original Scorched cover artist, Yvonne Less at Art4Artists, and set her to work on the set.

Of course, she did a fantastic job (she always does, and I highly recommend her). Below is the new look for Scorched, and stay tuned for the cover reveal for its sequel, Tempered!

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A fetid alley, roving security aircar and bloodthirsty mob, it’s just another night in the slums of Shantytown. This town feeds on the weak.

A muddy medical gown, festering wound and no memory of who she is or how she got there, Kat staggers from that alley and into her new life as a Trodden. She might be vulnerable but she’s certainly no victim.

A hopeless Rat, disgraced doctor and handsome citizen, Kat’s friends might help her but what will be the cost? Something hunts Kat, looking to finish what began the night she lost her memories. If she wants any chance to save her friends and herself, she’ll learn exactly who she was and what she can do.

Scorched, a suspense thriller set in a dystopian future, follows the mystery of one woman’s struggle to regain her identity and discover the reason why a powerful force wants her dead.

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