Scorched 2 is Coming

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my writing but I’ve been busy. Although Across the Blue Line continues to thwart me, I’ve been making great strides on a different sequel. I’m currently working on what happens next to Kat, Sadler and the gang from Scorched, the dystopian thriller I wrote in 2016.

Not only is the outline for the next book set, I’ve worked ahead on the concept for the third book (and probably series finale). I’ve been writing the first draft for the second book ever since.

I have about a third of the way to go to complete the draft but I’m very confident in the quality of the story. Right now, I’m just calling it Scorched 2 but I do have a real title in mind. I want to wait to announce that until the book is fully written in case something better pops into my head.

Scorched 2 will pick up practically where the first book left off, the next morning in Sadler’s apartment. Not to spoil anything, but just because Kat and Sadler survived the previous night and thwarted the immediate threat doesn’t mean they are safe.

It’s always a delicate balance to write a sequel in a way that tickles a reader’s memories of the first book without rehashing it, while giving enough information to new readers to understand what’s happening. I think I’ve used a pretty good narrative device to do this in Scorched 2 without boring the readers who remember everything already. I know I always hate buying a sequel and having 10% or more of the book be a history lesson I didn’t need.

As I get closer to completing the first draft, expect the blog posts to pick up, as I’m excited to give you more details. I have no timetable yet for publishing Scorched 2 but it will obviously be in 2019. I just can’t firm up how early until the editing process starts.

If you missed Scorched when it came out in 2016, or have read my military space operas but not my dystopian work, now’s a great time to seek out the first book!  You can even read the fist chapter right here on

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