Across The Blue Line – Outlined

It took quite some time but the outline for Across the Blue Line is complete. I’m having a planning session today or tomorrow with a beta reader or two to get some first impressions but I suspect I’ll start actually putting words on paper (figuratively) next week. I’d actually written the prologue last summer but it will need some rewriting given the changes in my outline.

I don’t think this book will be the mammoth tome that Hero of the Republic was, but it will be longer than the novels of the first series. I’m shooting for 120-130k words (Hero topped 160k). The Parasite Initiative series is a trilogy, so the new book has to be compact but still give full due to all of the characters in the story. It’ll take me months to write this and I’m hoping to hand it off to my beta readers in the early summer next year (as I did with Hero this year).

I’m setting a VERY tentative publish date of Sept/Oct 2017 for Across the Blue Line. It will be available for pre-order ahead of release, as that process seemed to work well with Scorched.

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