New Characters in Hero…

Hero of the Republic is a book that spans about a decade in the TCOTU galaxy. If you’ve read the original series, you’ll be rewarded with a few characters you already know. You’ll have a deeper understanding of Minister Fane’s secret machinations and see her right-hand man, Sebastian Brewer, on the battlefield. But the majority of the action brings many new characters into the TCOTU canon. Here are a few you’ll soon meet:

Caden Twist: Hero of the Republic opens with Caden in OTS, or Officer Training School. It’s not exactly where he wants to be. Still, over the course of the book, the young Mr. Twist sees action aboard several Brevic naval starships.

Sabrina Twist: A retired Brevic Navy captain turned civil “servant,” Caden’s mother is a high-ranking secretary in the Ministry of Public Relations and Information. She’s famous throughout Brevic space as the spokesperson for the government, “The Voice of the Republic.” A mother with accomplishments such as hers needs a son worthy of the public eye.

Aoife Covington: Aoife lives in the Seshafi corporate system, far from the Brevic Republic. Seshafi has a connection to the Republic through one man however… Garrett Heskan. Aoife’s part of the story in Hero of the Republic sets up how her life leads her outside of her tiny, corporate star system.

Vix Kirkpatrick: Caden’s roommate in OTS, Vix is a patriot who doesn’t take life too seriously.

Lucy Holt: She’s a weapons officer who doesn’t take Vix Kirkpatrick too seriously.  🙂

There are many, many other characters in Hero of the Republic but the story centers on these lives and the events that place them each onto a collision course with the rest. This first book of The Parasite Initiative series is slated for a early/mid-September release.


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