Hero of the Republic Update

Now that the first draft is done, the editing has begun. We’ve also started thinking about the cover and a description for the book. Here’s a first look at the draft teaser:

Caden Twist is destined for a life of service in the Brevic Navy, guided by his ambitious mother. Sabrina Twist knows a legacy of loyalty and honor is worth a great deal in their Republic. Her son distinguishing himself in combat during the Brevic-Hollaran War is a golden opportunity to advance their family name.

Far from the Brevic Republic, Aoife Covington comes from privilege but yearns for the military experiences of her older brother. She’s chosen the Seshafian Marine Corps as her branch of service, but will her family allow her to see real danger?

Already at the pinnacle of her power, Adira Fane means to see the Hollaran Commonwealth pay for its forays into Republic-controlled systems. When the outcome of the Brevic-Hollaran War is… unsatisfactory… the Minister of Intelligence launches a multi-year plan to restore the Republic’s honor. Maneuvering the General Council into funding a secret expedition, Fane keeps the true nature of her plan to her inner circle. Regardless of the outcome, her plan affects all of humanity, and puts Covington, Twist and Fane on a collision course.

There’s much left to do but it feels great to be editing at this point. Hero of the Republic is Book 1 of The Parasite Initiative, a series beginning in the same year as This Corner of the Universe. It is not necessary to read the original series to approach this one, although readers already familiar with Fane, Brewer, and others from the TCOTU books may have extra insights into events and characters in this storyline.

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