Final Stretch (Hero of the Republic Update)

I realize my blog has been inactive lately. That’s mostly due to focusing on writing first thing in the morning rather than taking care of other things like advertising, blogging, etc. I’m happy to say I’ve been making significant progress with Hero of the Republic, the first book in the sequel series. I am well into the final (and third) part of the novel.

My hope is to finish the rough draft by the middle of next month and I am on track for that. Of course, then there is the editing, and then editing and then editing but, overall, I’m optimistic to meet my goal for a Summer release.

I have 136,000 words down with maybe another 35,000 to go. It really depends on how long two specific scenes are that I still need to write. That would make the book a manageable 170,000 words. It’s a bit too long for my tastes but it could’ve been much, much longer.

I’ll start the marketing campaign for the book in the near future. As always, I appreciate those of you that give me “likes” and thumbs up and retweets and so forth. It really helps generate buzz.

My next post might give some clues and tidbits about the main characters in the new novel. The blog after that, maybe the synopsis (marketing blurb) for the book. Then, maybe the book cover.  After all, the first draft may be the hardest part, but there’s still plenty left to do.

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