Major Milestone on the Next Book

I’m happy to report that after some very intensive writing, I’ve finished the rough draft of the first part of Hero of the Republic. I’m thinking of this book in three (probably unequal) parts for reasons that will become obvious once you read it.

Part One clocks in at a mighty 94,000 words. For comparison, the entirety of Last Measure of Devotion was 97,000 words. This means that either Hero of the Republic will be the monster I feared or I’m going to have to find a way to break this book in half.

The problem is that the story being told over the three parts really needs to be in the same book. I’ve shelved this issue for the time being. Right now, I just want to write what I envision the first book being about and see exactly what I have when I’m done. I’m comfortable with a four hundred, even five hundred page book. I don’t want anything longer than that.

But, the good news is that progress is being made and I’m not only happy with how quickly the first part came together but happy with the actual writing and content. There are of course areas to fix/improve upon but that’ll be easily handled during my editing process.

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