TCOTU Series at Smashwords, Apple, Kobo,…

With the new cover project complete, it was time to look again at wider book distribution options. This past week we successfully followed the Smashwords style guide (the “nuclear option”) and uploaded the entire This Corner of the Universe series to the site. All five books are available there directly in .epub, .mobi, .lrf, and .pdf formats. You can check out my series page at Smashwords, here.

Smashwords is a distributor, and once the books are checked by a human and meet certain criteria, they qualify for “Premium Catalog” status. The first three books already have. Premium Catalog status allows distribution to Apple, Kobo, several channels that serve libraries, and a few other retailers or services I’ve never heard of (they may be international). The only ones we’ve opted out of are Kindle and Nook, and only because TCOTU is already there!

We’ve verified the first three books are already available from Apple (here’s a link to my books there so far). As we find the books in the new stores, we’ll be updating each book’s Notes page with the new links, so check back if your favorite retailer isn’t shown yet.

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