One Hundred

This Corner of the Universe (Book 1) hit a milestone last night. One hundred reviews!


I want to extend a big Thank You to everyone who reviewed it. Your feedback (good and bad) has helped me tremendously and shaped the series into what it is today.

Another interesting bit of news is that I was approached by a Masters student of publishing in the UK for a brief interview regarding self-publishing. I was happy to answer her questions and it was a lot of fun giving my views on the merits of self-publishing versus trying to find a publishing house.  I look forward to reading the outcomes of her study!

Between that and doing some light research for what I think will be the next book I write, I’ve been staying busy. I need to come to a decision on whether I am writing my fantasy book or a book related to the TCOTU series next. My hope is to discuss this with my wife over a glass (or two) of beer this weekend. When a decision is made, I will definitely let you all know what you can expect.

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