Job Done


I’m very pleased to announce that I have just finished the rough draft of Last Measure of Devotion. The novel clocks in at nearly 95,000 words. That makes it fit in somewhere between Loyalty to the Cause (98K) and No Way to Start a War (87K). The word count will change marginally with editing, and I already know that I want to insert an extra scene in the book but itshouldn’t go radically up or down at this point.

My goal is pushing “Publish” at Amazon and Barnes & Noble by the end (very end) of August but there is a LOT of editing to do between now and then. I take deep pride that my readers aren’t knocked out of my stories by rampant typos. Sometimes you can control the story, sometimes the story controls you, but editing is something you can always control.

I will post more blog entries and tweets as we get closer but for now, please know that the lion’s share of the work is finished and this book will be released this Summer. I appreciate your patience.


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