July Update

Sorry I haven’t been posting and tweeting as much as normal.  I’ve been super-busy wrapping up the series with the final book, Last Measure of Devotion.  I’m over 80,000 words with just the final major set piece to tackle.  I anticipate finishing the book draft next week.

Of course, then the final editing process kicks in but when the smoke has cleared, my hope is to have the book out in very late August.  I know that’s later than “Early Summer” but the more I write this book, the more I’ve taken my time with it.  It’s the final book and the story and characters deserve a good finale.  More than that, I want something I can look back upon and be proud of.

So, book in late, late August.  I’ll be blogging more and tweeting more to promote the release in a couple weeks, along with, hopefully, a very exciting announcement (exciting for me, anyway).

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