Twists and Turns

I’m still in the first third of writing Last Measure of Devotion (Book 5). I have no idea how long it’s going to be but I want to be sure that I give each major storyline its due and give you all a definitive ending for the major characters. My hope is to have the bulk written in the first quarter of 2015 and then spend time refining things until I am satisfied that this book accomplishes what I believe all series finales should.

So far, I am a bit surprised at how many scenes I am writing that don’t have Heskan in them. The cast of TCOTU has certainly expanded but I’m always mindful that this is a story about the original crew of Anelace and I don’t want to wander from them too much. For now, I am writing the story as I have outlined. I will step back and look at each, individual scene later and change as necessary.

One thing, as with all my novels, the story has taken some unanticipated turns. I originally was not planning on having Isabella Lombardi appear in this book. That might change. I will have to wait and see how that early concept develops. One thing is certain though, if I write the books in the future that I hope to write, her story won’t end with this series.

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