Welcome to 2015

I’ve taken a nice, long two-week break and am easing back into things with an overdue blog post. Last Measure of Devotion is nearly 100% outlined and the Prologue has been written (I introduce a new character!). My goal is to have the story essentially written over the next few months so I have plenty of time to go back for rewrites and additions. This is the final book in the original five-book plan so I want to make sure I pull out all the stops.

The other (and more important) thing I wanted to mention was how wonderful the holidays were for me. I am continually amazed by and grateful for the feedback I receive from the new readers who find the TCOTU series and from the “old,” loyal readers who have been with me since June of 2013. I can’t speak for authors as a whole but I read every word of feedback you give me whether it be on Amazon, Amazon.UK, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, or elsewhere. I know I say Thank You a lot for such warm feedback but it really is heartfelt. Your interest and comments generate a lot of enthusiasm in me and I’m starting 2015 with a lot of energy! Thanks!

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