Planning the End Game

I took a week off following the release of Loyalty to the Cause, but Monday marks December 1st and it will be time to get back to it. The final book in Garrett Heskan’s story will have a solid outline before the holidays. This one I want to take my time with, more than usual. As I’ve hinted before, there will be more stories set in this universe, but certain loose ends need to be wrapped up in Last Measure of Devotion and I’ll take the time to think those through.

I should say that choosing a title for Book 5 was the hardest yet. The titles of new books are always hidden in the text of the previous books. I had a working title in mind for Book 5 and planted it in Book 4’s dialogue, but there was one thing wrong with it. It ended clumsily in a preposition, and rewording it made it unnatural. Still, Book 5 was almost called “A Corner Worth Fighting For.” It’s still not bad, and it conveys Heskan’s journey well.

At the last possible second, we found “Last Measure of Devotion” in Heskan’s dialogue in Loyalty to the Cause. It expresses a finality to his story arc, or perhaps not just his story arc. I also think there is another meaning to the title, this one between author and reader. If you read Book 5, it will complete my promise of the series to you, and at the same time you’ll have supported me the entire series.

I haven’t decided what I will write after Book 5, but there are a few ideas. Last Measure of Devotion needs my full attention first. That said, I’ve enjoyed planting some seeds for future stories in Garrett Heskan’s series, and I’m looking forward to at least one of them growing in 2015.

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