New Release (LTTC) and Sale (TCOTU)

LTTC cover ebook final 400w

The “Publish” button has been clicked for Loyalty to the Cause on both Kindle and Nook. As usual, the physical print version will lag behind by a couple weeks to allow for more formatting, cover art work, and obtaining and checking a proof copy. I promise it won’t be long.

You’ll also now see “Book 4 Notes” in the menu on this website. It contains the maps and diagrams published with the book, and soon it will also contain links to the Amazon and B&N sale pages as well as blog posts giving more color to some origins of ideas or events in the book.  As soon as I see the book go live on Kindle and Nook, I’ll update the links.

Finally, to celebrate Book 4’s release, we’re running a 99-cent sale on Book 1, This Corner of the Universe, on Kindle and Nook. It’s always fun to find new readers who haven’t discovered Heskan’s story yet.

As always, thank you for following Heskan’s story and I hope you enjoy Loyalty to the Cause!

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